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          Dr. Sanjay Rodge


I extend a warm and cordial welcome to all aspirants for professional education.We all know the three important beings that shape our life are Mother, Father and Teacher. Teacher being the eliminator of darkness from one’s mind, showers light and knowledge all around. The destiny of students is written by the great hands of teachers. As is the teacher, so will be the students. Hence, it becomes essential to check the quality of teachers who are going to get the responsibility of future nation builders. Establishment of the Dr Ram Rodge D.Ed college is only with the motive that provides unique opportunity to the girl students of rural areas and makes every possible attempt to equip pupil teachers with spiritual, moral and material knowledge empowering them with the sense of their own dignity and worth, instilling the vision that enables them to become self-motivating agents of social change. The efforts of the college made a mark in the educational field of modern world and hope the college will touch the new heights in the forthcoming years.