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We provides the following infrastructural facilities such as :

  • The well furnished class-rooms with fresh natural air ventilation and full natural light.

  • The class-rooms are well equipped with DLP, sound system, lights and fans.

  • The college has special Toilet for Boys and Girls.

  • The college provides clean, fresh and cool Ro’s filtered water to all pupils.

  • Students can read the daily News Papers by accessing reading room.

  • Students can accesses the computer’s from 10-11 a.m.

  • The college has big play-ground and also provides football, rings, carroms, bat-minton etc. to play in leasur period.

  • Students can take out the Xerox of any book in library.

  • The college provides the various teaching aids of all subjects.

  • The college Principal and Staff have gave them moral and physical support with special guidance.